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Are you walking around with a knot in your stomach? Conflicts are a very normal part of life these days, they can be caused by, disagreements  or quarrels, or that someone has made a comment you find difficult to accept, but conflicts on their own, can lead to frustrations, sadness, and a feeling of hopelessness, conflicts are themselves tiring.

Unconsciously, you may be looking for a solution to the problem, and the restoration of harmony and happiness within the other person. You may have tried to fix them yourself but you remain stuck in a loop. “Happiness in your hands” can provide a quick and effective method to ensure a happy and positive feeling for yourself.

With our special method for mediation, which can involve, two or more people, or life coaching, on a one to one basis. Together, we will explore the source of these quarrels and where those unpleasant feelings come from. So that they become a thing of the past, and you restore what is important to you. A feeling and a sense of freedom and happiness.

Happiness in your hands is there for relationship problems, quarrels and conflicts:

  • of couples
  • within families
  • between friends
  • between neighbors
  • within yourself (think of illness or death)

You come together or alone. Sometimes the other person is no longer in your life or does not want to join. Or maybe you just want to solve it for yourself. It’s all possible: go for freedom, happiness and connection in your life.

With transformative conflict resolution and life coaching you learn how you can solve problems yourself. We can not change what has happened; but we can change your way of dealing with it. You will create space in your life again. The conflict will be solved and you will be able to enjoy life again.

Working on the core of the conflict

Something very small can often have grown into something huge and we ourselves do not understand why that happened.
It is precisely this what is subcutaneous nagging at you that we are going to bring up and change your view. We do this by removing the sting from a conflict.This is the transformation. What is needed for that? Full commitment to the fact that you want to resolve the conflict.

For whom

This approach is intended for people who suffer from a seemingly unsolvable problem in communicating with someone else, such as a family member, a friend or another loved one. You may also feel powerless regarding an illness or a death, Happiness in your hands can help you find a closure.

Both together and alone, you are most welcome to really and satisfactorily resolve this conflict.
Have you tried everything or do not know whether the conflict can ever be resolved? Call or email me for more information.

You feel (both) heard and understood and have found a way to reach your goals. You feel free.

Transformative conflict resolution involves investigating mutual interests. No quarrel model, but a solution model. Here we make clear agreements. Everyone knows the feeling that comes with quarrels. Do you want solve it, that is possible.
The sting from the painful area in or between people. This means that the (inner) conflict is a thing of the past. (Again) talking to each other, how cool is that?


Mediation is about you, even if more people are involved. It concerns your wishes, interests and emotions. You decide what the future should look like. You take matters into your own hands again. No opposing views and arguments, no need to negotiate.

Duration: In a three-hour session with you and your partner, neighbor or friend, we look together at a situation. We look at what is going on and where it hurts.

Duration: three sessions of three hours.

First you come, then your partner comes, in the end you come together.

Life coaching

Doubting, pondering, worrying. Do I do it right? Am I home often enough? Am I there for my partner, my children? Do they get enough attention from me? Do I do enough for my parents? Do I have enough time for friends, family and the neighbors?

Or has something been said that caused a big argument? Has a text in WhatsApp been misunderstood? Is it about bullying, arguing, blaming? It is human and happens to us all! Everyone knows these feelings. All of this hurts and it controls you here and now.

Nobody wants quarrel or bad contact. Sometimes you have tried everything, but there is no solution. Or you do not know where to start. Happiness in your own hands is your first step to a better life.

In a session of two to three hours we go through the process and will find the core and the solution of your conflict. Together we look at what is nagging under the skin.

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